Why do youngsters in India Hate Gandhi Family?


May be because of this sometimes…………..

Rajiv Gandhi:

Went to Cambridge : FAILED in the exams

Went to Imperial College, London : FAILED in the exams

Returned back to India “No Degree”

Sonia Gandhi:

Birth Certificate : Antonia Maino

Name in Indian Passport : Antonia Maino

Citizenship : Indian [But didn’t renounce her Italian citizenship yet]

In the details submitted to the parliament and election affidavit – She claimed that she has a diploma in English from Cambridge.

But the fact is she didn’t even clear her High School.

Infact she didn’t study beyond 5th class.

Rahul Gandhi

He still has Italian passport with name ‘Rahul Vinci Gandhi’.

Joined St.Stephen’s college for his undergraduation, But the failed in HINDI exam.

Then he got a seat in Harvard on Donar’s quota (Hindhujas donated 11 Million dollars to Harvard when Rajiv Gandhi was in Power).

But within 3 months, they kicked him out of college for poor performance.

But who cares…all we want is “Why it is written ‘Narendra Modi’ in degree certificate and why it’s not ‘narendra modi’ as per birth certificate” Why aren’t ‘N’ & ‘M’ in capital letters?

The documents are Fake, Fake, Fake..! Modi didn’t study at all !

Source: Quora


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